The phantasmagorical and surreal animal sculptures by Canadian artist Ellen Jewett. Between dream and nightmare, some strange creations born of a symbiosis between organic and mechanical elements, a meeting between fantasy, gothic and steampunk. Some very detailed sculptures in clay on a metal frame.

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Oh god I’m the gay cousin

i immensely dislike when guys i don’t know message me on facebook. like no that shit makes me anxious please don’t ever approach me like that if i don’t know you.


  • I put my clothes away and changed my bedding and now everything looks much better!
  • I met with by LGBT studies teacher to make up for an absence. We were talking about how this man in my class had shared the story about how he got kicked out of his house after coming out, and I casually mentioned that fear of that is the reason I’ve never come out to my parents. She basically implied that I should talk to some people at the counseling center and get support from the community in case coming out to my parents goes horribly wrong. She talked about a few other things with me too and it was really nice!
  • I’m eating cookies and twix and watching MMFD (even though I should be working on a persuasive speech about gender neutral bathrooms) and yeah it’s just a good, quiet evening.


"bisexuals have straight passing privilege"
did you mean bi erasure ?
having people constantly assume im straight or gay based on who im dating or how I dress isn’t a privilege. it’s degrading and ignorant.

It really bothers me when people associate the lunar eclipse with that quote from Revelation because I was so emotionally scarred by talk of the End Times and anything to do with the Rapture when I was younger. Like I would be driven to near panic and feel intense despair whenever it was brought up in church or by my family. I literally thought I was going to die before I reached adulthood, due to the world ending. And now when I see things like that, it brings a lot of that back and I would just rather not see anything to do with that ever again.